Splatforms and ISO 8601

Currently, there is only one *form that includes any date/time fields and that is the Event *form. Whenever you work with date/time information, there is always a question of how to do so — how to store it, how to display it, how to transmit it, what do about time zones, what to do about […]

Splatforms and Apache Velocity

We are firm believers in Open Source software here at Splatforms.com. Many of things that we are able to do here would not be possible without the vast array of Open Source software products available today. We try to credit as many of the major players as we can think of, but there are far […]

Splatforms and Live HTTP Headers

For anyone who has aspirations of developing a *forms Task, particularly any kind of User Emulation Task, there is one essential tool that really make the job much simpler than it can be without it: the Firefox addon Live HTTP Headers. The simplistic description on their addon page, while technically accurate, doesn’t really do justice […]

Splatforms and Security

It seems as if more and more web sites are asking you for the keys to your other accounts. “Just give us your Gmail address and your password and we’ll go through your contacts and hook you up with all of your friends here.” “Give us your Twitter username and password and we’ll send out […]