Splatforms and Assembla

Assembla provides ready-to-run online workspaces with tools and resources to support any size project from a single developer to a large commercial organization. One of the popular services available for a project workspace is an Assembla-hosted Subversion repository for the project  source code. If you are running an Open Source project, which is our approach […]

Splatforms and Third-party Developers

Early on we realized that the potential for what we were trying to accomplish was so broad and so varied that if we tried to do it all ourselves, we would surely fail, or at a minimum, severely limit the possibilities. Our solution to that problem was to make every effort to set things up […]

Splatforms and Microformats

If you are not familiar with microformats, you should really head on over to Microformats.org and check out the whole concept. Cool stuff. At least it seems that way to us. If you are not familiar with splatforms, or *forms as we like to write it here at Splatforms.com, then you might want to first […]