Splatforms and WordPress

Earlier this week, we released the newest addition to our growing *form Loader family: *formLoader: WP. Our latest *form Loader is a WordPress plugin that will automatically load a *form of your chosen type and submit it in the background whenever you publish a new post on your WordPress blog. The plugin is full configurable […]

Getting Started with Splatforms

Although we have made every effort to make your experience with Splatforms.com as simple and efficient as possible, there is still a certain amount of work required to get things set up so that you can take advantage of the service. The very first step in that process is to sign up for a new […]

Splatforms and Generating Backlinks

While there are many current and potential uses for a *form, far and away the most easily recognized would be for the purpose of generating backlinks to another site or blog. Even though we created Splatforms.com to be a more generic process to move data of varying types for a number of currently known and […]

Splatforms and Processing Errors

Despite our best efforts to make every transaction processed on Splatforms.com a successful transaction, transactions do fail for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include bad input data, the target site is down for maintenance or is overloaded, your username or password is missing or incorrect, or there may be restrictions on your account on […]