Splatforms and Processing Errors

Posted on October 3, 2010
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Despite our best efforts to make every transaction processed on Splatforms.com a successful transaction, transactions do fail for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include bad input data, the target site is down for maintenance or is overloaded, your username or password is missing or incorrect, or there may be restrictions on your account on the target site regarding how much or how often you can submit content. Failures can also occur because there is an error in the script for the Task, or because there has been a change to the target web site which invalidates the expected responses that have been scripted in a Task.

No matter what that reason may be, we encourage Task developers to make every effort to clearly identify why processing is unsuccessful by returning an appropriate reason code along with the indication of failure. To ensure that users have a full understanding of why individual items fail, we have added a detail page to the list of processed items. To view the details of any transaction, failed or successful, simply click on the Outcome to view this page. The processing details itemize every step in the process, and you can view the response from the target site at every step along the way to see exactly how and why the process broke down.

Many processing errors are correctable. If you did not have the credentials set up on your *forms Local Agent for this particular site, or if they are set up incorrectly, you can fix that. If the problem was that the target site was down or overloaded, you can wait until later and try again. If the problem is with the script itself, you can report it to the Task developer and wait until the Task has been corrected. Whatever the issue may be, if you can correct it, then you can go back and try it again.

Resubmitting a failed transaction once you have corrected the issue is fast and easy. On the Processed tab, where all recently processed transactions are listed, every failed transaction has a resubmit icon next to the Error outcome. Simply click on this icon and the failed item will be queued up again for processing. This will not remove the original item from the list; the failed process will still appear in the list just as it always has. A new, duplicate item will be added to the list once the resubmission has been processed by your Local Agent, which will have its own outcome which can also be viewed in detail, just like the original.

The ability to quickly and easily resubmit failed transaction is just another one of those features that we believe makes Splatforms.com simple and easy to use. If you have ideas on how we could make it even better, we’d love to hear them. We’re users, too, so anything that we could do to improve the process is definitely something that we would love to take a look at.


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