Over 300 Active Social Bookmarking and Networking Web Sites

Last month, we published a list of the target web sites that we had accumulated up to that point, with a promise to go back and update the list on occasion, as it always seems to be evolving as time goes on. After giving that idea some thought, it now seems like the more appropriate […]

Auto submit to over 100 sites for free

Although we have plenty of other things to do in order to wrap up development of the site and call it production-ready, we have been spending quite a bit of time building Tasks lately, and we now have over 100 Tasks in the portfolio for the Link *form alone. When you couple that with the […]

Anatomy of a Splatforms Task

The concept behind splatforms.com is pretty simple, really: you fill out a simple form, either manually or with the help of some kind of automated assistance, and then we take that form data and do all kinds of “stuff” with it. That “stuff” that is done using that data gets done by running Tasks. While […]