Now auto submit to over 200 sites for free!

It wasn’t that long ago that we were boasting that you could auto-submit your WordPress blog entry to over 100 sites using our *form Loader for WordPress, but as we mentioned the other day, we’ve been quite busy lately and we now have more than double that number of potential Tasks. To be quite honest, […]

Even Newer Version of the *forms Local Agent Released

Well, that was embarrassing! It seems that we put out a new version of the *forms Local Agent without the proper due diligence and there was a minor, but crippling flaw in the packaging. Bad programmer! So, we’ve scrambled around, fixed the problem, tested it, and put out yet another version. Please disregard our previous […]

New Version of the *forms Local Agent Released

This afternoon we released the latest version of the *forms Local Agent, the component that processes all of your *forms and holds all of your credentials for the various sites to which the agent posts your *forms data. Version 1.1 resolves Ticket #1, the fist ticket that we created once we decided to start using […]

More Sites, More Tasks, More Fun!

Even though we have plenty to do to get the Local Agent in shape for prime time, and we have even more to do to wrap up work on the main site and finally get rid of that little beta disclaimer on the home page, we just can’t seem to help investing a certain amount […]

Splatforms and Assembla (continued)

Last year, we introduced our new workspace on Assembla and announced our intention to store all of the Open Source elements of the infrastructure in their Subversion repository. Since that time, we have not done much more with our Assembla space other than to take advantage of the free Subversion hosting, but starting today, […]