Finally Hung the New Front Door

The very first thing that we did when we first set out to cobble together was to throw up some text on the home page to get the party started. That same old text has been there ever since, and while we’ve always known that we have needed to do something better, we’ve also […]

New Version of the *forms Local Agent Released

Yesterday we released the latest version of the *forms Local Agent, the component that processes all of your *forms and holds all of your credentials for the various sites to which the agent posts your *forms data. Version 1.1.4 resolves a number of existing tickets, and cleans up some other minor issues for which no […]

VK,, Jaiku, Slashdot,, and more …

Our compilation of target sites and available Tasks continues to evolve. Recently, we have added support for VK,, Jaiku, Slashdot,, Xing, and a number of other target sites. We have also added even more sites for which we do not yet have any Tasks developed, so our total list of target web sites […]