Getting Started with Splatforms (cont)

Some time ago we put out a little piece that we called Getting Started with Splatforms to step folks through the various set-up items that one needs to accomplish in order to successfully access all of those wondrous benefits of having an account on Since that pretty much covered everything fairly well, rather than […]

When Your *form Task Fails

As much as we’d love to tell you that every single Task for every single Target Web Site always succeeds for every single user, the reality is that this is an imperfect world, and there are a variety of reasons why things do not always turn out according to plan. What you can do when […]

Fun with Squidoo

Well, we finally got around to publishing our Squidoo Lens. Squidoo is a nice tool, and very user-friendly. We could have finished what we had started there quite some time ago with very little effort, but there have just been a lot of other things going on. The main reason that we decided to go […]