Build Your Own *form Task

There are two schools of thought on what a person needs to know before attempting to create or modify a *form Task. One theory maintains that a *form Task Developer needs to understand the HTTP protocol, the request/response cycle upon which all web traffic is based, the inner workings of the infrastructure, including the […]

Too Much Fun with HubPages

A few days ago, we created a Hub on HubPages to validate a couple of Tasks that we developed to post *form data to a HubPages Hub. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time on our new Hub; other than a contact form and an RSS module to pick up the feed from this […]

Fun with HubPages

We had such a good time playing with Squidoo the other day that we decided to go ahead and do the same thing with HubPages. HubPages and Squidoo are similar sites with similar goals, but they each have their own unique language when it comes to the elements involved in the process. On Squidoo you […]